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We must all change our attitude towards the environmental issue of the day, packaging waste. The issue goes way beyond litter in our area, all behaviours must change and every little bit helps! The team at Active Packaging met up before work on the 26th of July to clean up our industrial estate at Gortrush in Omagh. A few hours later we had collected a surprising amount. The waste included glass bottles, plastic bottles, cardboard, cigarette butts and paper, so a wide range of materials. A worthwhile effort, we got a real sense of achievement and a great feeling that we had contributed to the community.

As much as we collected many different materials, Active are a supplier of flexible plastic packaging and a litter pick alone will not achieve a solution to the global packaging waste issue. Active Packaging have consulted with many industry experts to develop materials that can be recycled to form part of a circular economy. We have developed Polythene, deemed widely recyclable to replace other plastic materials that are not in accordance with OPRL guidelines. We have many ongoing projects helping our customers REDUCE their plastic thickness where materials cannot currently be recycled. We are also working with film suppliers to achieve 30% post-consumer waste in films to comply with future legislations as well as Polythene replacements. Our Market is changing! We are changing! Are you changing? Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss any requirements you may have.