Consumers ‘bowled’ over by innovative salad bag

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Features such as easy opening and convenience continue to drive food-packaging innovation, because of this Active Packaging are constantly seeking to develop new products to enhance customer sales.

Active Packaging were recently involved with developing a first of its kind packaging solution for the convenience salad market; ‘The Bag that’s a Bowl’ - a bag that can be opened through laser technology, to create a bowl therefore avoiding the need to do the  dishes after - what more could you ask for!

The finished result is a three layer laminate, the matt OPP outer layer was designed for a more sensory satin finish and to give the design a more natural look and feel. A metalised OPP middle layer was used due to its properties as an excellent moisture and oxygen barrier.

An emerging consumer trend is the desire to see the product inside, this was addressed via the inclusion of a clear window on the front with an antimist coating on the inner layer. A special de-metalizing process was used in a creative shape to suit the style of the design.

Innovative packaging concepts such as this are just one of the many great solutions Active Packaging are able to provide. If you would like to discuss our extensive range of options or indeed any of your other packaging needs, do not hesitate to contact us today on:

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