Our Roots are in Fresh Produce Packaging!

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Our roots are in Fresh Produce Packaging! 

Active Packaging is stronger than ever in the fresh produce flexible plastic packaging sector, 18 years of business development has seen us cemented in the Irish marketplace. Through quality product and innovation, we have created a solution for Ireland’s growers and packers to maintain their position within their customer base, particularly the retailers. Our management of our customers requirements technically or logistically allows them to concentrate on their core business in the knowledge that their packaging needs are in good hands.


We believe the fresh produce sector will increase further in the coming year with a return to home cooking and the need for healthier diets, we are ready for current and new customers to grow. Our team will take responsibility to see your new projects through and deliver. Whether it’s packing whole veg on your high speed automatic baggers or increasing shelf life on your processed veg or fruit we are ready to become your packaging partners.

Packaging products and solutions

Below is just some of the products we can supply and develop for you:

  • Printed and punched perforated Polythene films for vertical baggers , ideal for high speeds and high impact , namely for potatoes , carrot , onions , etc. Reduced thickness available.
  • Printed and punched perforated flow wrap films for tomatoes, peppers , grapes , etc. Reduced thickness available.
  • Printed and punch or laser perforated lidding films for trays and punnets. Peelable or weld seals available. Shelflife testing as standard.
  • Technical solutions to any ongoing issue or needs can be discussed and developed with our team.

Paper packaging solutions

  • 2 and 3 layer wet strength paper sack options , SOS with handles or large sacks. From 2kg to 25kg. Reduced thickness and certain delivery dates available.
  • Paper film on the roll combined with plastic for visibility of your product for flow wrap machines and vertical baggers.
  • Paper film on the roll combined with net windows for flow wrap machines and vertical baggers.
  • NEW , fully recyclable paper film on the roll with recyclable bamboo netting. New machinery required to partner the film but we can manage this project with you.

Active Packaging are now moving ahead into the future with options for all your needs , we hope you can contact us and start the discussion. We will value your business!