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Our recloseable label film is a game changer for consumers! This addition to standard packaging formats can recreate the pack into a convenient and safer product. We apply the label to any form fill and seal or lidding film , we can modify the label and the opening to any position or style that is required. In addition we have several offerings of tamper evident methods to suit the packers requirements.


Reduction of food waste – the recloseable label allows the consumer to use the portion required multiple times.

Safer Functionality (Easy Opening) – No need for a consumer to use scissors or a knife, simply peel back the tab and pull.

Food quality – the ability to open and close the pack multiple times keeps the quality and freshness of the food intact longer.

No contamination – the consumer will be able to reapply the label over the controlled cut opening , this stops anything else falling in the pack when storing.

Active Packaging

Our team of experienced technical sales people can manage this addition to your packaging product. We can design the label and the opening required with you to ensure it enhances the functionality of the pack and you maintain the production speeds necessary. In today’s marketplace consumers of your food product expect the best quality and a pack that enhances their experience , the advantages that our Recloseable label film fulfils a need for an easier , safer and better pack.

In uncertain times your customers need confidence and the quality that the Recloseable label film can give. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss further and we would be delighted to help.