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Stand Up for Pouch Packaging

For years Active Packaging has been supplying a wide variety of flexible pouch packaging to the UK and Irish food market. We supply many forms of pouches to suit the specific needs for our customers, requirements can be extra shelf life, recloseable and easy opening options, to lightweight your pack by reducing the need for metal or glass containers, cost effective by reducing weight of pack or simply to look good on shelf! The pouch packaging market has grown every year across the world and the development of pouch innovations has increased their usage, at Active Packaging we can guide you on what your options are based on your requirements for your finished pack and production efficiency. 

Stand up pouches has been a trend gathering pace with brands across the world to show their product with a modern and convenient format on shelf. Pouches can change the perception of a product that was once looking like everyone else’s to a standout premium product. The visual on shelf with a pouch can make a difference to your growth of sales and create a unique selling point for your product in comparison to your competitors.

Pouch Options

  • Recyclable PE stand up pouches meeting OPRL standards – NEW!
  • Stand up pouches with patented microwaveable steam release valve
  • Stand up pouch with a patented degassing valve for coffee
  • Hot fill pouches for liquids
  • Paper stand up pouches for that traditional organic look
  • Spout pouches for liquids
  • Digitally printed pouches for smaller volume and quick product launches

Add ons to the above pouches can be tear notches for easy opening, rounded corners, recloseable zippers, K or parabolic seals and more on request.

Active Packaging offer many formats of pouches but we truly pride ourselves on our customer service, we pride ourselves on being able to develop a technical solution and to give the right direction on the most suitable print technology to use depending on volume requirements , quality and definition of print , budget for the pack and also the speed of manufacturing to possibly meet an urgent launch. Print techniques include rotogravure print, Flexographic print and digital print, each technology has its merits which can be discussed ,debated and decided on with the Active Packaging Team.