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Market Overview

Active Packaging Ltd is a market leader in this area of packaging. The Veg market has changed greatly over recent years with more companies processing their Veg products to meet the demands of the consumers ever increasing faster lifestyle that demands food to be as convenient to cook as possible.

Active Packaging Ltd are also aware of the pressures this in turn puts on packers to be as competitive as possible therefore efficiencies on packing machines is essential. Extended shelf life and shelf appearance have also become major requirements for the Veg packers.

The list of packaging products below can all be printed up to 8 colours flexographic to the highest standards to meet modern marketing demands.

Active Packaging Ltd can supply the packaging in bags or film converted in many ways, tailor made to suit the individual requirements of the packer. Active Packaging's products can be made of several substrates and varying laminated combinations of these substrates. Such materials could be PolyProp, Cast PolyProp, Polythene, Polyester and Nylon to name but a few.

  • Dual sealing form fill film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Vertical form fill and seal film, single or multilayered laminates available to run on any machine.

    Our materials can crimp,fin,polyweld or lap seal at very high packing speeds. We can print up to 10 colours to the highest flexographic quality.

    Perforations available are micro perfs, punched out perfs and laser perfs.

    We can advise on how to extend the shelf life of your product.

  • Stand up pouch with steam release valve

    Product Info & Benefits

    Stand up pouch with microsteam valve, excellent shelf presence, microwaveable, quick and healthy steam cooking pack, easy opening with tear notch and laser etching.

    Recloseable grip seal can be applied, printed up to 8 colours with matt or gloss finish.

  • Anti fog form fill film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Vertical form fill and seal film with anti fog properties and laser perforations for extra shelf life if required.

    We have single or multilayered films available, technical advice to enhance your products quality, printed up to 10 colours.

  • Hi impact form fill film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Vertical form fill and seal Polythene film, high impact, high speed sealing film, available in a laminated film.

    Print up to 10 colours, punch out or micro-perforations.

  • Extended shelf life form fill film

    Product Info & Benefits

    High speed vertical form fill and seal OPP anti fog material, laser perforations for extended shelf life, high clarity.

    Printed up to 10 colours.

  • Lidding film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Lidding film available for all tray types, peelable and weld seal, anti fog, high clarity, laser perforations if required for extended shelf life.

    Printed up to 10 colours, same material available for packing fruit portions.

  • M Pack -form fill film with net windows

    Product Info & Benefits

    Polythene film with net windows for vertical form fill and seal machines, excellent shelf presence with a real premium look, eradicates rot in veg.

    Print up to 8 colours, pillow pack or stabile pack can be made, works on existing standard VFFS machines.

  • Reverse printed tray liners

    Product Info & Benefits

    Reverse printed liners for selling loose veg products, can be made with perforations or large slits for extra ventilation of your product.