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Market Overview

Active packaging provide a first class service to the meat and poultry market in Ireland. We have extensive experience in this area and offer the complete solution to your flexible packaging requirements.

All our single or multilayered films can be flexographically printed up to 8 colours or less with NX/HD plates. There are many flexible plastic packaging solutions provided for many automated lines such as Multivac’s thermoformers,mondini tray sealers, flow wrap and vertical form fill and seal machines.

You can read below within our category products some of the films we can provide and the benefits they will bring.

  • Top web M.A.P. film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Printed and unprinted top webs, weld or peel seal, EVOH or PVDC for high gas barrier,anti fog and moisture barrier properties, puncture resistance.

    Film available for cooking,pastuerising and sterile applications. Base web (Flexibase or semi rigid) – medium or high gas barrier, PA/PE with or without EVOH, APET/PE with or without EVOH.

    Base films are suitable for cooking,pastuerising and sterile applications.

  • High barrier lidding film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Printed and unprinted lidding films for all types of preformed trays.

    Medium or high gas barrier, high clarity, anti fog properties, peel or weld seal and peel-and-reseal is available.

  • Flow wrap film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Flow wrapped films printed up to 8 colours and unprinted, single and multi-layered films to suit all packing machines.

  • Recloseable grip seal bag

    Product Info & Benefits

    Printed recloseable grip seal bags designed to hold portions of your product for easy storage and reuse.


  • Freezer grade form fill film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Vertical form fill and seal frozen food film printed up to 8 colours, available in single and multilayered films to suit all packing lines.

  • Top and base thermoforming film

    Product Info & Benefits

    Thermoforming top and base webs to suit all packing lines, Medium and high gas barrier films available to suit the customers shelf life requirements. Films to cook,pastuerise and sterilise are all available. The PA/PE films can be supplied with or without EVOH.