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Industrial Products Overview

Active Packaging has been strong in the industrial and horticultural packaging sectors throughout Ireland providing a wide range of films and bags to suit our customers' needs. All our products are designed to protect the customers' products from the elements ie. Sunlight, rain, dust etc.

We can supply films for automated packing lines and manually applied films and bags. All our products can be printed and the number of colours varies depending on the product.

All films and bags may need different customised solutions to enhance the packs performance; easy opening, pallet stability, barrier from light, anti-static, high speed packing etc.

Film or bags can be made in many different colours including co-ex to allow the inside layers to be a different colour from outside layers.

Other Industrial Products

The industries we supply currently are the brick & paving, chemical & fuels, animal feed, insulation, peat and compost industries and the list of products are as follows:

  • Shrink hooding (pallet hoods on the roll)
  • S-hood (square topped bag to fit neat to a shrink, best manual application for appearance)
  • FFS film (form fill & seal film, mainly compost)
  • Tubular films for automated packing (including embossing)
  • Bale bags (with mitred seals if required)
  • Sacks
  • Baling film for automated packing
  • Quad packs (retail)
  • Top sheeting (film on the reel or serrated on the roll).

Stretch Hooding

Stretch Hooding

Active Packaging are the market leader in Ireland for the supply of stretch hood film for the automated industrial packing lines such as Lachenmeier, Moller and Baumer.

As the animation reflects this product stretches over a pallet ,releases and snaps back on the pallet to hold the load firmly. This leaves the load protected from all the elements, rain, dust and the sun.

We can give advice and work with your machine supplier to optimise the requirements for your pallet load, working out the correct stretch ratio required to hold and protect.

We can supply the stretch hood film in many colours which can help to identify your product at a glance, please call us for any enquiry you may have.