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After many years of trading in the Republic of Ireland we have now taken the step to enter the market and created Active Flexible Packaging Limited. Both owners of the company Chris Bloomfield and Gary Wallace have already been supplying flexible plastic and paper packaging in Ireland for many years and now have committed to the Irish market for many years to come. We have created a sales team to cover the different geographical areas of Ireland which gives us a greater coverage and ability to service our customers to our very high standards. Administratively we are fully ready for any changes to business that are ahead of us.


Active Flexible Packaging are offering the full range of flexible packaging requirements and we would ask you to visit our website and hopefully we can supply your requirements. Furthermore our company has develop a very wide range of environmentally friendly packaging , from paper alternatives to plastic , recyclable plastics ,recycled content products and fully home compostable plastic alternatives. Every application is different and changing to an alternative worries companies who have been using the same materials for a long time and have machines that have been invested in to run these materials, Active Flexible Packaging is here to develop alternatives with you. We can identify the options that your company may be able to use for your machinery and your product , explaining and testing these options with you every step of the way to create a truly environmentally friendly product. Please call us and we will be delighted to discuss the possibilities on offer.


A further major development for Active Flexible Packaging has been the growth we have received in Ireland for our paper bag range. From mini packs for flour and porridge to larger bags for potatoes we are very grateful for the business we have received to date and now we have expanded the paper range to bags for chemicals, cement, and animal feed. We are available to discuss your requirements at any time and we can assure you that our products and service will meet your standards.

Active Flexible Packaging are excited to meet the challenges ahead, we appreciate opportunities we currently have been given and look forward to receiving your call so we can discuss your needs in the future.